Lois Duncan’s Down a Dark Hall- Available Today!



We were asked to write a post to promote our new film Down a Dark Hall.  It’s supposed to encourage you all to go see it, and to tell your friends to do the same.  They wanted us to include some witty anecdote from behind the scenes and tell you all the reasons we are proud of the film.

We are proud of the film.  We worked really hard to create a scary story with strong female protagonists who are in command of their own lives and are not unnecessarily sexualized. But our love for this project began with Lois Duncan’s books, and that’s what is most important to us.

From the beginning, we told anyone who would listen that making Down a Dark Hall was just an elaborate plan for us to meet Lois Duncan.  She shaped our early nightmares and we’ve been devoted fans ever since.

After reading Summer of Fear who wasn’t suspicious of the new girl in town? Locked in Time left us terrified of Louisiana (jokes on us, we’ve made three films there). For Meghan’s 7th grade book report, she made an elaborate diorama depicting a scene from Killing Mr. Griffin (earning her detention for showing an English teacher tied up in a car).

Lois had the unique ability to speak directly to her readers… telling us there’s a lot to be scared of in life, but you can always find a way through. She told the best scary stories but, at the same time, shared a comforting hand.

Sadly, we never got to meet Lois, but being able to visit Blackwood everyday for the past few years runs a close second.  Even if it did leave us terrified of our own shadows…

Down a Dark Hall is in theaters, on demand and available on iTunes today. We hope you love it!


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